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 Rules of Bearville Island

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Pawsome Possum
Pawsome Possum


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PostSubject: Rules of Bearville Island   Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:00 am

These are the rules:
Personal Information:
Please don't give out any personal information about your self, like age, address, phone number.
Pics of yourself is OKAY, but please don't add inappropriate pictures of yourself.
When Posting
Don't ask for:
personal information
Any certificate codes, babv codes (contest and free codes approved by admins is allowed)
use slang- ex.- see u l8ter
Don't use inappropriate language
Don't leave comments that might hurt others or offend them
Don't leave single worded comments
Don't spam the forums
Make sure you're welcome and friendly all the time
No drama- no discussion about your personal life problems
Don't Write in blue or red if you are not a staff member!
Make sure please follow the Rules!!!
Please post appropriate videos from youtube.
Do not be off topic.
Please use your paw points appreciatively.
Only ADMINS can edit the rules, no mods or chat mods or Jr.'s!
Thank you Very Happy
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Rules of Bearville Island
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