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 My Legendary Pizza Night

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Teddy Overstuffed
Teddy Overstuffed


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PostSubject: My Legendary Pizza Night   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:33 pm

Ok so in advanced math today we "learned" , we already knew it, about oppisite and absolute value. Miss Angotti , my teacher, had us write stories. This is my story.
Last night I had my legendary pizza night. I had ordered large sasuage pizzas from Casey's. On my first pizza I ate 1/4 of it in 8 minutes. I ate half of it in 7 minutes. I then ate the last 2/8 in 3 minutes. My friend, BillyBobJoeJr. , came for a visit. We started eating the second pizza. BillyBobJoeJr. ate 2 6/10 pizza and I ate 4 3/5 pizza. After getting some soda and turning on a movie, another of my friends, Skylar, came. Together me, Skylar, and BillyBobJoeJr. ate 6 9/10. We then had 3 8/10 pizza. If you lost track of how much pizza that is, it is 15 11/10 pizza. Sadly, BillyBobJoeJr. got sick and 3 8/10 pizza reappered. Skylar showed me that she hadn't eaten 3/10 of her pizza. When I subtracted 3 8/10 and 3/10 from 15 11/10, I got 11. In the end, we ate 11 whole pizzas in all.
Sky, I hope you know, you are in my story Wink . Thanks for reading
Luv, Allicakes Smile Smile Smile Smile
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My Legendary Pizza Night
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